Are you looking for a way to volunteer your time and have a love for fur babies?  Nat’s Cats Rescue is need of volunteers.  The rescue is in need of temporary feeders from January 10th through March 15th.  If you are able to help and can dedicate your time, please call (610) 704-4635.



This following information has been taken from Nat’s Cats Rescue:

The rescue is in need of temporary feeders from January 10 through roughly March 15. I am the sole feeder of four colonies. I will be having a hip replacement and will be out of commission for about two months. I would like to know that my colonies are not going without food or water during that period. They will die. The two sites I’m looking to cover are one in Forks Township at the Community Park, which has only three cats, and the other at the daycare across from the Tilted Kilt where the transport lost a kitten. We never found the kitten but we found seven other starving and sick adults and now a group of five very small kittens. Even if you can only cover two days a week that is the world. I need one coordinator for each site to make sure all days are covered. If purchasing food is an issue the rescue can help with that. The reason I need a coordinator for each site is to make sure every day is covered.