Today I ran into the woman who was my school nurse from elementary school.  She was down at the Covered Bridge (Bogerts Bridge) in the Lehigh Parkway.  She was waiting for her friend to arrive.  I recognized her right away and said hello and told her who I was.  She was so tickled that I remembered her and recognized her.  She hardly changed.  She looked wonderful for her age. When her friend arrived, she told her about me and how happy she was that I said hello. She loves to walk in the Lehigh Parkway.  Being out in nature and walking every day has certainly treated her well as she certainly did not look her age. I grew up in the Lehigh Parkway and still spend quite a bit of time there.  She told me that she always loved my the home I grew up in.

Our elderly are very special and it’s important to make them feel special. Whenever possible, I make it a point to visit with those in our Lehigh Valley area that are in nursing homes.  I’ve even adopted my own grandparents over the years since mine passed away when I was quite young.

If you haven’t had the opportunity recently to pay a visit with the elderly, try to make it a point.  It can be someone in your own neighborhood or someone in a nursing home.  There are quite a few in the Lehigh Valley.  The last time when I was at the Phoebe Home I was told they are also in need of volunteers.  Those individuals who live there are very special and need your love and attention.  Some never have anyone to visit them and they are all very special.  I had the opportunity to wheel some outside and even play a game of ball with them. They are so cute and they loved it!  I laughed and had a great time!

Your what’s going on girl,