Veterans Day


Today I am wearing green to work in honor of our veterans. This is the day we honor those who served, are serving and whom yet will serve our wonderful country.

Something else is taking place today called “GREEN LIGHT A VET”

To show support for our vets, Mayor Kathy Palmer of the Borough of Alburtis and Mayor Fiorella Mirabito of the Borough of Bath have both decided to participate in “GREEN LIGHT A VET” and kindly ask you to place a “green” lightbulb in one of your outdoor lights to show your support.


Greenlight A Vet

This event will take place this evening. If you choose to leave the green light in afterwards, for your continued support- please feel free to do so.

Both the Borough of Alburtis and Borough of Bath are participating, but I think it’s a wonderful idea for any willing to participate in our community.


GreenLight a Vet