“I would like to thank ‘Whats Going On In the Lehigh Valley’ for helping to promote our 2016 Candy Cane Hunt event.  Over 700 people came out to participate in the holiday joy!  We look forward to providing more community events and look forward to working with ‘Whats going on in the Lehigh Valley’ to help make the valley a better place to live, work and play!”
— Michael Kunitz, Northern Lehigh Recreation

How Advertising with WGOLV Expands Your Reach

marketing-color-colors-wheelWGOLV is like no other publication in the Lehigh Valley.  Not only is it very popular, it is very unique. It is the place to go to find the information you need. We are here to help our community, grow our economy and do it in a way that is like no other out there. With over 26,000 fans, WGOLV has become one of the most popular social media sites/publications in the Lehigh Valley.

As a business in the Lehigh Valley, WGOLV  provides you with the  reach needed to impact your customers.  We reach close to 100k a week and often more.  Social media is such an important aspect of advertising today.  People tend to use their computers and phones more and rely on social media for their news. Because WGOLV is the one publication where you will find a majority of the information you need, it is a relevant news source/publication in the Lehigh Valley.

WGOLV is also the perfect way to reach customers.  Plus, we do it in a very unique way that can not be found anywhere else.  We utilize both web site and social media and individualize our advertising based on your needs.

We also provide WGOLV Media to come out and photograph your business/product and promote your business in a more unique way if you choose. Businesses see the advantage of advertising on WGOLV and approach us frequently.

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