If you’re like me, you enjoy watching as the trees change color during this time of year.  It’s so beautiful.  Yesterday, as I drove back from Philadelphia, I could see the colors as they changed on the trees as I drove to he Lehigh Valley.


The following information is taken from Poconomountains.com

Week of Thursday, October 5, 2017 – Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Home to more than 127 varieties of trees, shrubs, and plants, the Pocono Mountains is truly a spectacular sight during the fall season. Because the region spans 2,400 square miles, three distinct color zones are present allowing you to catch peak colors not only once, but three times. Updated every Thursday through the end of October, this forecast will assist you on where, when and how to experience the brilliant foliage in our four-county region. The fall foliage report is also available by calling 570-421-5565.


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