Tonight the Lower Macungie Township Board of Commissioners voted to approve the Kratzer Farm Park master site plan.

The plan was endorsed by the township’s parks, environmental, and planning commissions.

The Kratzer Farm Park is an 89-acre site at the center of the township. Many residents aren’t aware of the site, because it is bounded by the Little Lehigh River and its riparian trees along Willow Lane, and is not readily visible from Sauerkraut Lane.

The park will become much better known to residents as it gains parking (accessible from Bogie Avenue), bathrooms, a paved, 8-foot-wide, approximate 2-mile pedestrian loop, and other “passive recreation” features.

The park will also serve as a hub and connector for other township greenway pedestrian trails (and future trails) in the region.

The park is also set to include a community-supported agriculture (CSA) produce-farm on 28 of its acres.

The park will NOT be used for sports fields.

The master site plan provides research, recommendations, maps and plans and costs, including enough detail to begin the process of budgeting, securing grants, and the creation of construction plans for phase 1. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section here.

Source: Lower Macungie Township EAC