The Wolf administration has expanded its Vanpool service for workers to assist disabled Americans.

“Transportation to and from work could be a deciding factor whether someone is able to work or not.” stated Govenor Wolf.

ADA-accessible vanpools will be eligible for a monthly subsidy of $1200.00 per van and also $400.00 per month subsidy after the 3rd year.

Approved vanpools will be offered an initial 50% cost incentive; up to $800.00 per vanpool a month based ont he van size and that it is phased out over 3 years for non-ADA accessible vanpools.

To qualify, you must be a new vanpool  and have a 60% occupancy; 5 riders for 7-seat vans, 7 riders for 10-seat vans, 9 riders for 12-seat vans (including ADA) & 11 riders for 15-seat van. To ensure a proof of membership, vanpool riders will pay a minimum of $25.00 per month.
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