Forget Hayrides….We’ve got CLOWNS.

Witches, goblins ghosts and ghouls are all a figment of our imagination, but clowns are real. As the legend has it “Seventy-six years ago, a traveling circus made its way through Hunterdon County NJ. On a particularly foggy night, a caravan of clowns broke away from the group and ended up lost among fields and farms. Seeing a solitary light in the distance the clowns stumbled upon a desolate farm about a mile off the road. Looking for a safe place to rest their heads for the night, the clowns approached the house. The old farmer bitterly answered the door as the rest of his family lay asleep. Chasing them from his porperty calling them freaks, he or his family were never heard from again. However those freaks remain to haunt the woods. Come out for a night of fun and terror in Frenchtown NJ, at the Nj clown farm. Here you will get three attractions for one price, Hay ride, corn maze and freaky forest walk. The fright fest begins Friday Oct 6 and runs each Friday and Saturday through Oct from 7 to 10 pm.    Like them on facebook to get your discount coupon CLICK HERE     and tell them WGOLV sent you!