It’s such a tragic situation in Texas and many in the Lehigh Valley are asking how they can help.  One way you can help those in the Texas region is by donating blood.  Blood supplies are necessary to help those in the the hospitals and in the Houston community.

Please take a moment to read the following information provided by Miller-Keystone Blood Center.

As of August 28, Miller-Keystone Blood Center is accepting blood donations to bolster blood supplies in the Texas region ravaged by Hurricane Harvey, now Tropical Storm Harvey. Over the past several days, Harvey has caused mass destruction and forced evacuation throughout Houston and the surrounding region, preventing blood centers in the path of the storm from collecting blood supplies necessary for life-saving transfusions at hospitals based in and around the Houston community.

Blood centers across the nation, including Miller-Keystone Blood Center, are working with ABC (America’s Blood Centers) and BCA (The Community Blood Centers’ Exchange) to support blood supplies in Texas at this time.  Other blood centers in Texas are serving as blood depots to receive shipments from across the U.S., and Health and Human Services is arranging transportation into the Houston area for blood products.  

Harvey continues to wreak havoc and will potentially for several more days. Blood donations will not only be required today or tomorrow, but will be needed for the foreseeable future until blood centers affected by Hurricane Harvey are fully operational again.  

The mission of Miller-Keystone Blood Center is to save lives. Whether it be here in our local community or on a national scale, Miller-Keystone is prepared to assist in any way we can and for as long as required, to ensure for the transfusion demands of those in need. eligible donors – and particularly platelet donors, O-negative whole blood donors and AB plasma donors – are encouraged to make an appointment this week.  Platelets are critical to support many patients, especially those on chemotherapy, while type O-negative blood and AB plasma can be safely transfused to anyone regardless of blood type, and is frequently used in emergency situations.  

We are asking all eligible blood donors and first-time donors to roll up their sleeves.



Please click on the following link to register and schedule your donation. 


You can also call 1-800-B-A-DONOR1-800-B-A-DONOR