Don Henley at Musikfest Sands Steel Stage, August 10 2016

Review by Michael Miller

Don Henley performed live at Musikfest. The concert started at 7:15pm. Drew and The Neighbors opened up for Henley.  This was their first time they opened a show for Don and they were ecstatic. They played until around 8:00 pm and then Don Henley took the stage.

Don started things off with the song “7 Bridges Road” to set the tone for the evening and from start until end at around 10:15, it only got better. He played hits such as “Boys of Summer”, “Hotel California” and “End of the Innocence”. “Boys of Summer” was followed by a standing ovation and Don left the stage. As the crowd cheered, Henley returned to the stage to do an encore including “Life in the Fast Lane”, “Hotel California”, “All She Wants to do is Dance” and finishing out the night with “Desperado”.

Don Henley:
7 Bridges Road
Dirty Laundry
That old Fling
Sunset Grill
Witchy woman
Words can Break Your Heart. (Cass County album)
One of these Days
In a New York Minute
No Shame at all
Nobody Knows (Cass County album)
Ain’t Going to Stop the World
I Don’t want to hear anymore (back up singers women solos)
Return of the Innocence
They called it Paradise
Train in the Distance
Heart of the Matter
How Bad do you want it
Everybody wants to go Home
Boys of Summer (standing obviation)

Life in the fast lane, (both guitarist solos
Hotel California
All she wants to do is dance

Don Henley Band Members:
Don Henley
Stuart Smith
Michael Tompkin
Scotty Crego
Lance Morrison
Tom Evans (sacks)
Trevor Neuman
Dave Trid?
Chris Kurlick?
Will Holiser? Musical Director
Chris Holt
Milo Duling
Erica Swindel (backup singer)