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Saquon Barkley signs franchise tag with New York Giants


Saquon Barkley, the talented running back from PA Valley, has officially signed his franchise tag with the New York Giants, putting an end to the uncertainty surrounding his contract situation. The one-year deal is worth $10.1 million and can go up to $11 million with incentives, sources report.

Barkley is a Lehigh Valley native who attended Whitehall High School.

The adjusted franchise tag includes a $2 million signing bonus and incentives amounting to $909,000. These incentives cover three categories: 1,350 rushing yards and a playoff berth, 11 touchdowns, and 65 receptions. Barkley's agreement with the Giants does not include a "no franchise tag" clause, meaning the team has the option to tag him again after this season.

Barkley's decision to report to training camp on the first day for veterans demonstrates his commitment to the team and his desire to focus on the upcoming season without any contract-related distractions. The Pro Bowl running back expressed his willingness to consider sitting out the season if a long-term deal couldn't be reached, but this adjusted contract shows his dedication to the game.

The negotiation process between Barkley and the Giants spanned nine months and experienced its share of challenges. Barkley was unhappy with the way the negotiations were portrayed in the media, feeling that he was being unfairly labeled as "greedy." Despite offers reaching up to $13-$14 million per season, Barkley was unsatisfied with the guaranteed money and contract structure, leading to an impasse.

Fortunately, the two parties found common ground before the mid-July deadline for long-term deals, with only a $2 million difference between them. The adjusted one-year contract provides a temporary solution, allowing Barkley to focus on his performance on the field while the possibility of a long-term deal remains open for the future.

Barkley's presence in training camp alongside his teammates is a positive sign for the Giants, as it indicates a team-first mentality and reduces potential distractions. With Barkley's talent and dedication, the Giants are eager to see him continue his success on the field, contributing to their offense and making strides towards a successful season.