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Our Policies

Privacy Policy

Lehigh Valley's privacy policy respects user data, complying with laws, and details collection, use, and sharing practices.

Cookie Policy

Enhancing user experience with cookies, What's Going on in the Lehigh Valley outlines use and control of cookies in their policy.

Terms of Service

Accessing signifies agreement to its Terms, including copyright respect and lawful use, with updates and rights reserved by the owners.

Acceptable Use Policy

Lehigh Valley's policy safeguards against misuse, ensuring ethical use of services with strict consequences for violations.

Advertising Agreement

Ad agreement between LoriLee's WGOLV and clients for website ads, with payment, content standards, and liability terms outlined.

Return Policy

No returns on WGOLV Merch purchases; exchanges only with email. All sales final, buyer covers shipping.

RSS Terms of Service

RSS feeds use subject to Terms of Service: no alterations, maintain links/credits, restricted mobile/non-personal use, and compliance required.

YouTube Policy

YouTube emphasizes user privacy and informed choices in its Privacy Policy, detailing data use and control, alongside rights and responsibilities in its Terms of Service.

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