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CDC Alert: Are You a Raw Cookie Dough Consumer? Stop Now.

The Centers for Disease and Control has urged consumers to stop the well-known practice of consuming raw cookie dough.

Although the practice is done by many tempted bakers, consuming raw cookie dough can result in abrupt food poisoning to both children and adults.

According to a CDC report, any raw, or unbaked flour for baked goodies can result in a contamination of salmonella germs, which are known to cause foodborne illnesses that may lead to a person experiencing chills, vomiting, cramps, and an upset stomach.

However, if flour is cooked correctly, the germs will become killed off by the high temperatures. In order for one to stay on the safe side, consuming uncooked dough should be avoided at all costs.

A source of contamination can also be found in the eggs itself, which are typically found in cookie dough too. Between December 2022 and February 2023, the CDC reports a current outbreak has caused 12 reported illnesses across 11 states as the source of contamination is still being investigated.

Determining if one has an been affected by a contamination may take three to four weeks, according to the CDC.

Consumer Reports has cited flour as being the top 10 foods most likely to cause food poisoning.

To take simple measures in protecting yourself from food contamination, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly, as well as a good cleaning with any utensils or bowls with raw flour.

Most importantly, before you feel temptation taking over with licking that spoon while baking, be sure to think twice!