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Eagle with broken wing saved from Delaware River

STROUDSBURG, Pa - On Monday, Sampson Metzgar dove Into the Delaware River to save an eagle with a broken wing, according to a Facebook post from Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center.

They said, "We are so lucky to have him and to have rescued this soul from the elements." "Her/his name shall be Eclipse".

In a later post, they reported, "Her injuries are luckily not life-threatening at this time." "She has a minor fracture and we are hoping to reunite her with her mate sooner than later."

She will be receiving intensive care and treatment to expedite her healing process.

Their veterinarian suggested they not try to do anything invasive at this time because she likely has a nest to return to. They said they found a brood patch.

Photo courtesy Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center

They asked that you please send Eclipse some healing energy and consider donating to her care and medical treatment.

They said that cannot release the location (or nest location) where she was found other than off of the Delaware River.

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