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Man officiating wedding ceremony in Nebraska accidentally shoots grandson, police say

Lancaster County, Neb.

What was supposed to turn out to be a joyous wedding ceremony took a turn for the worse in Nebraska on Saturday when the wedding officiant attempted to get the attention of attendees by firing a blank into the air and instead accidentally shot his grandson..

The grandfather, Michael Gardner had traveled to Nebraska to officiate the wedding ceremony and “decided to gain everybody’s attention and start the wedding with a bang,” Houchin said during a news conference Monday.

He was trying to get the attention of the attendees by firing a Pietta Model 1860 snub-nosed revolver into the air with a blank round, according to Houchin. “When he decided to cock back the hammer of this revolver, it slipped and it shot his grandson in the left shoulder causing an injury,” Houchin said.

The 45 COLT ammunition was a blank, but Gardener “put black powder into the casing and then glued it,” the chief deputy added. “And what we believe, is the glue is what injured the child,” he said. Thankfully, the boys injuries were not life-threatening.

Gardner turned himself in at the Adult Correctional Facility and is now facing charges of felony child abuse for neglect, specifically related to discharging a firearm and injuring someone.

Source: Lancaster County Sheriff's Office

Photo Lancaster County Sheriff's Office

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