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Two JetBlue planes clip one another at Boston Logan Airport

Two JetBlue planes clipped each other Thursday morning while on a deicing pad at Boston Logan International Airport.

According to a statement by JetBlue, the incident occurred when the two planes were on adjacent deicing pad lanes.

The left winglet of JetBlue flight 777, an Airbus A321neo, struck the right horizontal stabilizer of JetBlue flight 551, which was an Airbus A321, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA),.

According to JetBlue, the impact damaged one aircraft's winglet and the other plane's tail section.

The FAA said the event happened around 6:40 am ET, according to the tracking website, FlightRadar24 in an area of the tarmac that is controlled by the airline.

No injuries were reported by passengers or crew, according to JetBlue.

The FAA is investigating the incident.

JetBlue said no injuries were reported by passengers or crew on either aircraft.