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15-year-old drowns at Sandy Hook Beach over Memorial Day weekend, others rushed to hospital

SANDY HOOK, New Jersey

A very tragic incident took place over the weekend in Sandy Hook, New Jersey.

A 15-year-old drowned Sunday at Sandy Hook Beach and at least four others were rushed to the hospital, according to WABC.

According to the news report, the area where the drowning took place was unguarded and there was no swimming allowed. Others reports suggested the water was rough that day.

"I saw them floating down. They were drifting. I didn't know there was trouble until they got over here," said Marie Macera.

Eyewitnesses saw the anxious crowd gather and first responders going in.

"People jumped in the water, took three of them out. And then there was one missing that they couldn't get," said Luis Sanchez.

Witnesses heard a mothers cry and she could not see her 15-year-old son in the surf. He was then spotted.

"They all made a line with their hands to try to extend to get this kid to pull him out - but he had to be there a long time," Macera said.

"They pulled him out, they started giving him CPR, and they couldn't get him back," added Sanchez.

Five people were taken to hospitals, but the teen could not be revived, and was pronounced dead according to the WABC.

Regulars at Sandy Hook Beach say it hurts to start off the season this way after a deadly summer last year.

Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time.


A 15-year-old boy drowned and five other people were plucked from the water at Sandy Hook Beach in New Jersey on Sunday, according to reports. wabc

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