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Filmed in the Lehigh Valley: "Lucky Louie" and "Getting Grace" showing at Becky's Drive-In

Don't miss Lucky Louie and Getting Grace this weekend at Becky's Drive in!

Filmed here in the Lehigh Valley, they are wonderful family films! I was fortunate enough to be in Lucky Louie - It was so much fun!

On Sunday, April 30th, there will be a Meet & Greet with Daniel and Grace Roebuck both before and after the films. Daniel is from here in the Lehigh Valley.

Screen 1:

8:15 PM “Lucky Louie” PG

10:15 PM “Getting Grace” PG

Also showing -

Screen 2:

8:15 PM “Evil Dead Rise” R

10:10 PM “The Pope’s Exorcist” R

Admission is $12 for adults and $8 for children ages 3-12

Gates open at 6 PM each night

We’ll see you under the stars!