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PennDOT services temporarily unavailable March 18

On March 18, multiple PennDOT Driver Licensing Services will be unavailable due to a Verizon network maintenance.

PennDOT Driver License Centers and PennDOT's Riverfront Office Center in Harrisburg will not be able to do the following: issue new, renew, or duplicate commercial and non-commercial drivers licensees; issue a learner permit; or any other transaction that results in issuing a driver’s license product.

This is due to PennDOT not being able to access the PDPS, as this is required by law when doing driver's license transactions.

Road testing is still available, but a license will not be issued immediately. PennDOT will make arrangements for this.

Third-party authorized online agents will also be unavailable during this time, with the exception of REAL ID renewals, duplications, or non-REAL ID duplications.

Services will be made available at approximately 12:01 PM on Saturday.

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