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Pig named "Kevin Bacon" is on the loose in Central PA


Chelsea Rumbaugh, of Cumberland Township, is asking her community to be on the lookout for Kevin Bacon.

Kevin Bacon is her recently rescued pig that escaped from her small farm just outside of Gettysburg, PA. Her family just got Kevin on Friday from another family and the very next morning he got loose. He uprooted one of the poles in his pig pen on Saturday and snuck underneath it.

Kevin is about 2 years old and weighs about 200 pounds.

The family has been putting out food and water for him.

Rumbaugh said he's within a quarter of a mile triangle around her home, but he runs away every time someone gets close. Kevin even closed the gate where they were trying to contain him.

Kevin's sightings can be reported at 443-605-5463.

There's even a Facebook page set up called Bring Kevin Bacon Home:

"Kevin Bacon"

Phot:o: Chelsea Rumbaugh