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5-month-old Barkely reunited with mom and dad: Go Fund Me

A brown lab by the name of Barkley had been missing for nearly a week when he was found thanks to the Lehigh Valley community. He had escaped from the back of a truck while his dad was changing a tire.

A Good Samaritan was driving on 22 East. As she exited off of 13th Street, she spotted Barkley underneath the brush by the guard rail. When she saw Barkley, she recognized him right away from a missing poster she had seen. She quickly got Barkely into her car and called the owners right away with the wonderful news.

When the owners arrived, Barkley was so happy to see them and melted right into his dad's lap when he picked him up. He was safe once again with those he loved.

Barkley had suffered a broken leg and his knee was twisted backwards making it impossible for him to straighten his back leg. The owners immediately took him to the animal hospital where they did x-rays on him and prepped him for surgery.

The vet believes he was hit by a car almost immediately after he got lost. The break looked close to a week old. Barkley also lost quite a few pounds, was dehydrated, and very hungry.

According to the vet, the surgery went well and the bone fit back together perfectly. She didn’t have to shave any of it. He has two pins in his leg -one long one down his femur and a shorter one at the top of the growth plate. She said when he came out of anesthesia he rolled over for belly rubs.

Jamie said he has 15 staples in his leg and is making great progress at attempting to straighten the leg and make the mind-muscle connection again. Jame said that so far his vet bill is $8,000. "He’s such a happy little guy and even though his leg is broken, his mind is still a 5-month-old puppy. Getting him to sit still has been our biggest challenge", said Jamie.

The owners can not express just how much they appreciate the support from the Lehigh Valley and everyone's continued prayers. They are so thankful and humbled by the amount of people who searched and shared the information on Barkely and contacted them.

When Barkley was lost, they said the week had been nothing short of terror for them. The entire community helped them keep their faith and never gave up on Barkley. "We honestly don’t know what we would have done without each and every one of you. "

Jamie said, "We felt so alone, but they have railed around us so much. We can't express our gratitude enough." "From the bottom of our hearts, we truly wish we could hug each and every one of you. You are all Barkley’s family now! You are forever in our hearts and prayers"!

Go Fund Me:

If you are able and willing to contribute to their GoFundMe for the expenses of Barkley, it would be greatly appreciated and a blessing to them.

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