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Kotsch's Meat Market in Whitehall closing

Kotsch's Market, located at 2223 MacArthur Road in Whitehall Township is coming to a close according to a post on their facebook page.

Family owned and operated since 1954, they stated that it is not a rumor, but a truth that they are closing.

Butchering is done on-site at Kotsch's where they sell ground beef, chuck roasts and various other meats in addition to fresh chicken, canned goods, groceries and household items.

"The reality is, it has been a challenge since before we moved to the new location," the online announcement reads. "We did the move to do what was right for our family and our future and we have no regrets. All I can say is, the changing of the world and the changing of our Township have caused this as well."

"While we have wonderful loyal customers, loyalty in the world as a whole has diminished, and it is what it is. Of course, there are cheaper options to buy your food and your meats, and we understand that. However, the only way that our store is successful is if we move the volume. We have always done our best to give you the best products at the lowest price that we could. It is just time for our family to close our doors on a positive note."

Many comments were left on the facebook page regarding the announcement. They will be greatly missed by many.

These are just a few:

I am saddened to hear the news. I have been coming to your market since I was a kid with my Mom. You have the leanest hamburger in town. I don’t know where I will get my burger now. Also you Clearfiled White American is always fresher tasting than the grocery store! And don’t forget the smiling faces in the deli and at the front check out. Best wishes to you all as you start a new chapter in your lives! You all will be missed greatly!!

Sorry to hear the news.

I have and still am a customer for ?60+? years. Best wishes on your next adventure.

This makes me so sad. You are all like family to so many. You have done so much for the community over the years as well and I know I am thankful for that. Sending you all the very best. No more real ham spread.

Best bacon around town! This makes me sad, I remember going to your 2nd location often with my mom and grandparents. Times have changed, and it’s really sad..

So sad I have known kotsch’s market since I was kid going in there with my nana. Always had to have the lil kid shopping cart. I love going there for my lunch meats and stuff and lil odds and ends it was so convenient. We miss you guys

So sad to hear this ,for many years We shopped atYour store and You also sold Our honey and honey candy.These past 4 years You have made my life easier delivering my groceries ,I will miss you Mike ,Kelley and Kylie and the rest of the crew .Thank You and best wishes to all .

’m so very sad to hear this, I was in your store several times a week. Since I moved, I don’t get there as often but there are so many favorites, hoagies, kielbasa spread, there were so many great finds at Kotsch’s. However, I mostly enjoyed talking with the employees, always so nice & friendly. My son loved shopping with the tiny shopping carts in his younger years. I agree, the world is not the same and is causing so many great places to close their doors. I wish you all the best! Will be in to see you soon!

Oh no !! So sad!! Love your lunch meats & ham spread, which is the BEST ! Best wishes & we will miss you !!!

This is a sad day for Whitehall!! Kotsch’s market was a staple in our community. We didn’t just love the convenience of having the store so close. And the wonderful food available ,We will miss the family atmosphere. Best wishes to everyone

There is no closing date according to the face